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Top 5 Urban Development Projects

This list of the top five urban development projects are from North American cities working on making their cities more green. Concern about the environment has been on the rise in the past couple of years. Just about everywhere you turn; people are recycling, reusing items and starting to conserve energy. But everyday citizens are not the only factors involved in improving the environment. Even municipalities are starting to do their part to help.

Sustainable South Bronx

This is a community organization in the Bronx, New York whose focus is to find economical, sustainable projects that reflect the community's needs. One such project is the Bronx Environmental Stewardship Training Academy. The project trains residents in horticulture, bioremediation and other green jobs. The goal of this project is to connect environmental clean-up, restoration and career development.

Chicago Climate Action Plan

This project was started by Chicago Mayor Richard Daley in 2008. The plan has several points of emphasis which include improving transportation options, having energy efficient buildings, clean and renewable energy sources and adaptation. The action plan is yielding positive results. In the 2010 status report, residents switching to fluorescent bulbs resulted in conserving an estimated 82,000 megawatt hours.

Growing Power

Started by Will Allen, Growing Power has promoted awareness of urban agriculture. Growing Power is an inspiration for cities around North America to push urban farming. The goal of Growing Power is to show communities how to create local gardens and sustainable food production.

The Portland Metro EcoDistricts Initiative & Greenest City Team and Vancouver 2020

The Portland Metro EcoDistricts Initiative is a public and private sector partnership to create pilot projects around the city of Portland. The participants in this initiative include Portland State University, real estate and construction industry leaders, urban environmental organizations and many others. The project's goal is to accelerate sustainable development in communities. Another urban development program is the Greenest City Team and Vancouver 2020. These programs demonstrate Vancouver, British Columbia's goals to become a world leader in sustainability. The program has ten goals it wants to achieve. They include creating clean water, local food, green mobility, zero waste and easier access to nature.

Helping the environment is an important cause, however, it is not one to be solely supported by individuals. Municipalities recognize this need and are beginning to do their part by supporting various urban development projects.