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Top 5 City Revitalization Projects

The top 5 city revitalization projects are examples of cities undergoing renovations to make them better for businesses, visitors and residents. The citizens in these communities are taking steps to transform their cities into places people are proud to live in and happy to visit.

Papillion, Nebraska

Papillion, Nebraska is working diligently to repair its former reputation as a dreary-looking downtown where there was almost nothing to do. They are undergoing a multi-year, $750,000 revitalization mission which features antique lighting and new sidewalks. Recently, the town opened the $1.5 million Sumpter Amphitheater, a performing arts center offering free concerts, movies and wine tastings. A brand new AAA baseball stadium is in the works for 2011.

L.A. Live

Los Angeles, California welcomes L.A. Live. This downtown entertainment and sports hot spot surrounding the Staples Center and the Nokia Theater offers nightclubs, movie theaters, music and sports venues, restaurants, a museum and a bowling alley. It is the leading destination for great entertainment in the area.

Columbia Heights, Washington D.C.

The Washington DC area of Columbia Heights is undergoing renovations thanks to The Development Corporation of Columbia Heights (DCCH). This community development corporation is a nonprofit private group dedicated to neighborhood renewal ventures, increased job opportunities and greater affordable housing. Erection of the DC USA retail complex began in 2007. This 550,000 square foot shopping area is across the street from the Columbia Heights Metro station. The anchor stores are Best Buy and Target and many other minority and regional businesses are expected to move into the complex as well.

Houston's Discovery Green, Fort Worth's Sundance Square

Houston's Discovery Green was chosen by the Texas Downtown Association for the Best Public Improvement Award, in 2009. The judges believed that the building designs and the green roof of the parking garage worked nicely with the park. Project partners were lauded for their building of a public green area that offers visitors and citizens motivation to check out the downtown area. Sundance Square in Fort Worth, Texas offers a wide range of appealing places to see. There are fine dining and casual restaurants for every palate. The streets are lined with specialty boutiques tucked in between prominent stores like Jos. A. Bank, Barnes & Noble and Pappagallo Classiques.

Big cities and small cities need people to survive and thrive. These top 5 revitalization projects highlight the efforts underway to bring people into the cities and make things more interesting.